Eagle Microfibre Towel Black/White


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A large Eagle microfibre golf towel with bag clip perfect for hanging on your golf bag.



Our soft and absorbent Microfibre towel will help to keep you clubs dry and clean. The waffle-weave fabric which feels soft to the touch when handling oozes quality. The golf towel is easily attached to your bag with the sturdy carabina bag clip.

Eagle Microfibre Towel Black/White is made from waffle-weave which feels soft to the touch when handling. The soft fabric will take care of your clubs when cleaning them after each shot.

Eagle Microfibre Towel Black/White – Features:

  • Eagle Design

  • Size: 52cm x 96cm

  • Waffle-Weave Construction

  • Carabina Bag Clip

  • 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon