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Our Environmental Efforts


We don’t shout about our sustainability very often but with The Open being the trailblazers on this topic, within golf, we thought we’d give you a few insights into some of our choices ????

Firstly our newest collaboration with Bando Towels says everything about our thoughts on the matter. Made from recycled plastic these are doing their bit for the planet without sacrificing quality ????

As many of you will know, we do manufacture the majority of our garments in Nottinghamshire, but we also source all our fabrics as close to us as possible. The Champion collection has fabrics knitted in Nottinghamshire that we use to make the Polo Shirts & Zip Tops. Our Carbon Footprint is tiny ????

The fabrics used for the Polo Shirts also contain an anti microbial finish, allowing you to get more wear between washes. Less washes is more eco friendly ????????

Due to us being hands on with our manufacturing plant, we also get very little wastage on our fabrics, yields are very specific using very clever software. Where this isn’t possible we try to use the waste for other uses, like the accessory pouches pictured ♻️
We are giving away these pouches free of charge with every purchase for The Champions Collection, whilst stocks last! ????
We will continue to improve and strive to get better across this subject & across the whole business ????????