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Liam Robinson Navigates “The Bear Trap” – Honda Classic Venue

Liam Robinson Navigates “The Bear Trap”

Liam gives an insight into a PGA Tour Course

Just a couple of months prior to the PGA Tour turning up at PGA National, Eagle Ambassador, Liam Robinson, was lucky enough to play The Blue Monster. 5 days in a row. Pretty awesome right?

This was some great preparation for Liam who then flew to Turkey to play on the Clutch Pro Tour, for a 2 week stretch of competitive golf.

We caught up with Liam ahead of his tournament. He gave us a low down on what the players like Collin Morrikowa, Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy will be facing down the stretch in March!

PGA National is renowned for being one of the toughest stops on the circuit, with firm bouncy surfaces played around a huge lake is enough to give anyone the shakes over the golf ball.

Liam said that the key to scoring around the golf course is to keep the ball in play. This may sound simple but what he means is course management has to spot on. Play the shot you know you can hit rather than the one you think you can hit.

The last thing you need is to hit it in this little guys path >>>


The Bear Trap


The famous “Bear Trap” is a series of 3 holes which come towards the end of the round. Hole 15 is a long par 3 wit

night terrors.h water running all the way down the right hand side from the tee box. That’s enough to give any right-hander who struggles with a left to right shape,

See Liam’s photo (pictured left) of the tee box on 15.The 16th Hole

Number 16 is a long par 4 where your tee is played in front of the lake, leaving you to hit a mid/long iron over the lake. See below Liam striking an iron onto the dancefloor.


Finally, to complete the Bear Trap we have the famous 17th, where numerous PGA titles have been won or lost. All you can see, as you stand on the tee box of this 185 yard Par 3, is blue water with the semi “island green” in the distance. The wind often picks up around this part of the golf course, whipping off the right hand side, from the lake. If the wind gets up late on Sunday, no lead is safe. See Liam below navigating his way over the drink and quickly asking the caddy for his putter.

As Liam said to us, it’s a little easier in a casual round with the shot not meaning anything other than the lemonade that he bet with his playing partners. It’s so impressive how these superstars can do it with millions of dollars riding on the outcome, in front of thousands of fans. It really shows how good they are!

A massive thanks to Liam for sharing us his thoughts, images and videos for this blog!

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