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How much should we drink on the golf course?

How Much Should We Drink On The Golf Course?

A common question I get asked is “how much fluid should we be taking during a round of golf?”. Obviously this is dependent on the length of the course, duration of the round and temperature we’re playing in but a good rule of thumb is around 2liters of water for 18 holes.

We should also be looking at the quality of water/fluid we are taking in too. Sports drinks that contain electrolytes can really help with replacing the body with minerals that we lose during exercise. I use the electrolyte tablets from Kinetica which dissolve into my 2L drink, this helps replenish my body allowing me to perform better, stay more focused during the round but also helps me recover better post round.

Kinetica Electro-C | Kinetica Sports

Try adding this to your routine and let me know how you get on.

Joe Macro 

Fitness Professional & Eagle Ambassador

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