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Eagle x Golf Carts Europe


We have some exciting news for 2023. We are proud to announce that Golf Carts EU have decided to choose Eagle Apparel Golf as their uniform provider for the 2023 season.

Golf Carts Europe, are driven to provide the very best for clients across the UK and Europe. Trusted as distributors of Excar carts and utility vehicles across mainland Europe, they have just launched our new office and distribution facility in the UK, where they will be giving golf courses and golfers the opportunity to enhance their experience with the very latest in Lithium battery technology and top-quality cart solutions. Excar are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of golf carts and utility vehicles and we are happy to be a trusted partner.

At Eagle Apparel Golf we could not be happier that they have chosen our products to match their excellence and latest technology. If you see a Golf Carts EU rep you will notice they will be wearing our Eagle polo shirts with their great-looking logo and the Eagle logo as you would see on all of our polo shirts. They also have our outer layers as shown in the photo to keep them warm and our mid-layers to ensure they can layer up when the sun is hiding away.

Golf Carts EU have provided just over 3500 carts since 2016 and look forward to more being driven by you in 2023. If you are a golf club/course or a golfer who fancies one of their own golf buggies to show off at your local golf clubs then please contact them here.