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Best 3 Shots Golf Club

Best 3 shots golf club

Best 3 Shots Golf Club

How many times do we come in after a round of golf and talk about the if only, the could have and then should have been’s? We all do it after nearly every game! Try this after each round and I promise your mindset will change!

Recently I was struggling with my golf game, not happy with the scores and I was letting off some steam in our golf group chat. One of my friends, Tom, replied and asked me to describe my best 3 shots that I’d hit that day. It took me by surprise at first but sure enough I started to think back through my round & I was really surprised at how hard it was to answer.

You would think by how upset I was with my round that it was tough to answer due to lack of shots to choose from but in fact it was the opposite. I was amazed at how many good shots I had hit despite the poor score. It was still actually tough to pick just 3 good shots I’d hit. It made me think about all the good shots in order to rank them. Realising there was lots of positives in that round of golf of which I wasn’t happy with.

This has really helped me change the way I evaluate my rounds. Although it’s good to know your weaknesses to help highlight areas to practice and improve, but by picking your best 3 shots, you go through and realise how good you can be and have been that day. It takes the emotion out of the round and put some positive perspective on it.

From now on in our group chat we automatically tell one another our score, quick evaluation but more importantly describe our 3 best shots to each other and it’s great! I would strongly recommend jotting these down in your post round notes or let your golf nerd pals know them, they will enjoy hearing about it I promise.

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Eagle Founder/ Best 3 Shots GC Member