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Why pick AUGUSTA for this inspiration?

As we are now a year on from our initial product launch, which included our Azalea print within our Major Polo collection, you may ask what our obsession with Augusta is? Why would we create a whole product line based on this, again?

I think there are a number of reasons why Augusta National and The Masters has a special place in lots of golfers hearts around the globe.

Firstly, it’s the only golfing major that is played at the same course every year. We feel like we know every hole, every shot & every blade of grass. We all remember the famous shots that have been played from the right tree’s at 13 or the famous chip in on 16 by Tiger Woods.

Secondly, its the course its self and its distinctive colours, flowers & traditions. From the allusive green jacket, to the Azalea and Magnolia flowers around the course, this makes it a creators dream – as can be seen throughout our Augusta18 capsule.

Lastly, I think the time of year and the time difference is just perfect. It’s the start of the golf season for most northern hemisphere countries, plus the evening viewing in Europe is ideal for us to be glued to our TV screens without being too tired for work the next day!


So what was our inspiration behind our best selling range?

I was watching the November Masters, with Dustin Johnson dominating the field; and I was trying to come up with some ideas to put into a range for the April 2021 tournament. As he was seemingly peppering every flag on the final round ts was great to watch, but it also reminded me how much of a second shot golf course Augusta National really is. Hitting the correct part of the green opens up birdie opportunities, but missing them or even hitting the putting surface in the incorrect place, you’re staring down the barrel of a bogey; if you’re lucky. This highlights that the 18 greens are the golf course’s defence. The idea was born.

I pulled up the pin sheet and decided to create a repeatable print by using the shapes of all 18 greens of the golf course. Simple, yet incredibly effective.

Initially the print was just going to be used for the polo shirts, but the design turned out so well we decided to showcase this across the range, including the zip tops too which have been very popular indeed! We also extended the capsule to a set of accessories of caps, headcovers and towels which also included the unique design.

We have also added very subtle branding features throughout the range, including the Green, Yellow and Red logo’s across the products. Also notice red zipper toggles and detailed stitching creating that unique colour combination recognisable to golfers across the world.

See the range promo video below.