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Anyone For a Pimento Cheese Sandwich?

We’re super excited to share this collection with you ahead. Our designers have come up with this super cool & playful yet classy capsule. The repeatable pattern seen throughout the collection incorporates the key ingredients of the infamous “Pimento Cheese Sandwich”. Check out some more information on each item in our piece below & shop the drop before you miss out!

Why The Sandwich?

The Pimento Cheese Sandwich and it’s $1.50 price tag is so much more than just a great value snack at the tournament. It represents history, tradition. Something money can’t buy, which in the current golf climate seems to hold even more of a statement in 2023. This Southern American staple is a favourite in the summer months, washed down with a nice Iced Tea or Cold Beer.

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The Polo Shirt.

Keeping in line with the traditional theme as mentioned in the concept, our 2 polo shirts come with our new and improved, 4 piece, firm collar. The body is sprinkled with the small motifs which are the main ingredients of the infamous sandwich; Pimento, Cheese, Bread & Green Beer Cup. Available in the Green and White colourways. – SHOP NOW

The Mid Layers.

As with the Polo Shirts, both the 1/4 Zip & Crew Neck Top’s feature our deconstructed Pimento Cheese Sandwich design in the Green colourway. The material is has great handle to touch, falls beautifully and yet technical/breathable to wear. Both include our new subtle Eagle branding tabs along with the classy embroidered badge in Gold. SHOP NOW

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The Hoodie.

Taking some inspiration from the loopers uniforms on this one. The pure white with the pop of green on the chest just nods it’s head at the boiler suits, just like Hideki’s bagman back in 2021. Again the signature pattern makes an appearance with a perfect contrast on the inside panel of the hood.



Cappin’ it off.

A perfect way to round off all these outfit combinations is this timeless, classy white cap with the Eagle Logo matching in with the thread colour. This works with both the white and green body . Plus will tie in with any trouser/shoe combo you want to mix these items up with. We would stick with Black, Grey or a neutral Stone colourway if that’s a bit of you.


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