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10 Top Tips To Enjoy Winter Golf

10 Top Tips To Enjoy Winter Golf

During the Winter months, the weather may not be quite as nice, but there’s no reason you can’t carry on playing golf throughout the year. The Winter Golf tips featured in this blog will help you adapt and enjoy your golf even when the temperatures start to drop.

1. Change your golf balls

Most of us like one model of ball, but it’s well worth considering changing that preference to suit winter conditions.

You may benefit from a firmer distance golf ball that carries further through the air because you want optimal carry when the fairways and greens are soft. Those softer and colder conditions also mean you can afford the slight drop-off in softness, feel and spin around the greens.

2. Practise your short game

It can be easy to neglect your short game in the winter, but you should practice it at least as much for two very good reasons. Firstly, courses are playing longer and often tougher, so you’ll probably need it more often.

Secondly, you’ll be playing different kinds of short game shots from all sorts of lies and the ball will react differently on wetter and softer greens. Make sure you vary the lie when you practice and use the same model of ball you intend to use out on the course to make it more realistic.

Lastly, with greens being wetter & bumpier than summer, getting it closer to the hole will help with your putting stats!

Check out Eagle Ambassador’s Marcus & Alex’s content for tips on all your golf game.

3. Invest in quality outerwear for the range

The amount of technology in golf clothing is amazing and outerwear these days is much lighter, more breathable and comfortable than previously.

Let’s face it in autumn and winter you may find yourself down at the driving range more often than on the course. The off season is where you can practice more and focus on those shots you have struggled with throughout the season. Our OFF SZN Hoodies were made for the range sessions

4. Carry your golf bag

If you’re able to, it’s a good idea to carry your bag in winter because you will leave much less wear and tear on the course than using a trolley or buggy.

Using one of the best golf stand bags is also far less hassle to get around as you don’t have to go out of your way to follow trolley routes or leave your bag a long way from where your ball is. It also leaves your hands free to put in your pockets to keep warm.

5. Take more than one towel

Your towel is going to get messy in winter with all the mud you need to wipe off your clubs, so make sure you’re always able to keep them clean by carrying an extra one.

An extra towel is also brilliant if it rains because you can use it to dry your grips without transferring any mud you’ve already cleaned. Check out our towels and other accessories for the golfer here.

6. Try playing with half a set

This makes your bag lighter to carry, which is especially helpful if you’re used to using a trolley in the summer, and it also enables you to increase your creativity and versatility on the course.

It will help you protect the course too and improve your shot-making skills, something that seems to be getting lost in this bomb and gauge era but is especially useful in the wind or around the greens.


7. Take more club

Your yardages will be shorter in winter because the ball doesn’t fly as far through the air, and you’ll get much less roll when it lands. You’re also more likely to play in strong winds that will really knock the ball in the air, and heavy rain will also affect the ball flight.

Generally, taking one extra club is a good idea, and conditions might dictate you’re playing two or three more clubs more than you might in the summer.

8. Layering is KEY!

During the Autumn and Winter months we do get some beautiful days for Golf, however, it’s often cold and changeable. Balancing warmth/comfort when swinging in when cold can be challenging but this is where thin, technical layers are key. We would recommend close fitting, stretchy layers that allow you to move but retain your body heat & don’t let cold air in. I wind topping Gilet would also be recommended on those breezy days to keep your core warm. Match these with a good Winter hat and you won’t go far wrong.

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9. Choose your Golf courses wisley

During these cold and wet months, you know certain golf courses in your area drain better in winter. Links, Heathland and any other sand based courses are often the best all weather courses. Search them out and try and book ahead to ensure you get those tee times during the shorter days. Also, look out for Winter Deals as clubs look to increase their takings during the off season.

10. Stay Social

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